Sound of the Wood™

Turntable Modification Kits and Up-Grade Items

ALL Prices Include S&H for lower US [48 STATES]

Other orders outside this area please inquire at Soundofthewood@aol.com




Sound of the Wood™

Standard Modification Set:


  • Standard clear acrylic platter ($158.00)
  • Isolation disks for inner platter/acrylic platter interface ($40.00)
  • Choice of solid hardwood arm-board for choice of tone-arm ($70.00 – $85.00 depending on AR model and tone-arm)
  • Can of damping material, enough to damped sub-chassis, motor and arm-board ($40.00)
  • Standard record weight ($75.00)
  • Premium record weight ($209.00) New item!!! See below.
  • Full Instructions (free with purchase)


Separate Modification Components



Sound of the Wood™ Armboards



Sound of the Wood™ arm-boards are made from only the highest quality solid hardwoods (Native Black Walnut, Red and White Oak, Cherry and Olivewood). We select only the highest mass wood blocks available for use in our arm-boards and these can be made to order for any radial tracking tone-arm on the market. If we don't already have a template for your tone-arm, all we need is a copy of the tone-arm template and mounting instructions to start. We currently make arm-boards for AR models "The Turntable," the ES-1, EB-101 and the ETL-1 Research series.


Prices for most arms are $70.00 and $85.00 for the ETL-1 table.


Sound of the Wood™ Replacement Parts

ALL Prices Include S&H for lower US [48 STATES]

Other orders outside this area please inquire at Soundofthewood@aol.com


Clear premium solid acrylic platter: $168.00  (Includes S&H to the lower 48 States)




The Premium AR Up-grade

Sound of the Wood™ 22vac Premium low noise synchronous motor: $194.00

(Includes S&H to the lower 48 States)


Available now a 22vac  low noise motor. This significantly reduces hum with all MC and MM phono cartridges. If you purchased a 115vac SOtW motor last year you can get a free exchange. (You must use the new 22vac mini external supply with these motors)

The 22vac motor requires the 22vac external power supply


Combo deal!

Purchase the 22vac supply and motor and save $100.00

Total combo price $483.00 (includes shipping)

Price good through July 1st 2008





Sound of the Wood™  2 speed power box: $599.00 (Includes S&H to the lower 48 States)




Sound of the Wood™ Single speed dual pulley system

Includes a set of matched belts $144.00 (Includes S&H to the lower 48 States)

(Available Now!)





Sound of the Wood™  External power supply.....

Available Now!


This Mini-Supply not only removes the electronics entirely from the AR table, but provides a cleaner power source for your set (optimized voltage and capacitance). This box also has a front panel switch for optimized use with older (70's) tables like the XA series. The switch changes the capacitance supplied to the motor and is optimized for the Haydon and Airpax motors. This works with or without the speed box, and with the original or the new SotW motor. Your turntable is then connected via an 8 wire shielded plug & play cable.


Introductory Price $389.00 (Includes S&H to the lower 48 States)








Premium high mass Acrylic Platter, shaft and mount kit up-grade for "Over the Edge" AR projects.

Price for complete kit $399.00 (Includes S&H to the lower 48 States)


 This up-grade requires the new Sound of the Wood™  motor









Kit includes the following:


  • Premium 3.1kg Acrylic Platter

  • Sub platter modification kit

  • Platter  spindle kit                      

  • Arm-board KIT                           

  • Main bearing modification kit

  • Premium record weight add $209.00                               

 If you would like Sound of the Wood™ to perform this modification, all we need is for you to ship us your turntable sub platter. The is an additional $60.00 charge for this service.



SEND TO:  ericw44@aol.com